Falcon Heights Solar Design and Install

"We had the Fujitsu mini-split system installed three years ago. Our home is a 4-level spilt entry, built in 1960, and has a boiler with baseboard hot water heating system. With no ductwork, we were not able to have central air conditioning. To cool the house, we used three window air conditioners for quite a few years......very noisy, rather inefficient, and extremely expensive to operate. The new min split system that Dustin and his crew installed for is really the best investment we've ever made for the house. Best things about it are- 1) It's very quite- you can hardly tell it's running. 2) Very efficient- we heat our home with it in the spring and fall & and cool the house all summer. Our X-Cel Energy bill has dropped 30-35% with our new system. 3) We have three zones, and in the summer the system not only cools but dehumidifies the entire house. Can't say enough good things about it. We were also very pleased with the whole process when we decided to make the purchase. The install was very professional, and Dustin's folks at Applied a Energy were great to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone." - Mark Johnson, Homeowner