Falcon Heights Solar Design and Install

As energy becomes more expensive we pay more attention to our bills. Inefficiency in original construction shows up through cracks, rim joists and with duct work coming apart with aging. These leaks may cause rooms to become uncomfortable. Some leaks are easy to spot. All this leakage adds up to wasted heating and cooling efficiency. Our trained staff use a "blower door" to identify how much leakage the home has. It is not uncommon to see homes with over a 20% loss in efficiency. Our team inspects the whole system, including the attic, crawlspace, garage as basement as needed. A complete project may include a whole house weatherization. Including duct sealing, whole house insulation and radon mitigation. Air-sealing begins with our professionals using the latest in a variety of materials, including insulation, spray foam, rigid foam board, and caulking.