Falcon Heights Solar Design and Install

Attic insulation and air sealing. What’s unique is about this project is the storage area in the walk up attic. Like many classic homes there is a walk up attic that is used as storage. Many sewer and HVAC penetrations into the attic causing conditioned air to leak outside. Sealing them reduces energy bills. The 6 ½ inch space under the floor had some blown cell that was not dense packed allowing air to move freely throughout the floor joist. Over 20 bags of insulation was dense packed under the floor. The AC unit for the home was suspended from the roof rafters. AEI worked around the unit and ducting system. This recessed light created over an inch air leak under the walk up attic. An air tight box was sealed over the light and insulation was blown over. A detailed drawing of the attic was created to determine the insulation depth, storage space, and height from the storage space to the roof rafter. Unique to this project: a permanent space storage space insulated to R60. Though more expensive per square foot than the blown cellulose, this ridged foam board with a plywood finish allows for more storage apace. Most of the work and mess is completed outside and the blown cellulose blower (hopper) is in the truck to decrease mess. Drop cloths are used to protect floors and carpeting. This also decrease mess and saves on cleanup. AEI “tapes” where the insulation dam and storage area will be place. An 18 inch pathway allows access to the window. Often room walls are cold because the walk-up attic walls are not insulated. Here, you can see the holes we used to dense pack insulation in the walls of the walk-up stairs. The insulation dam to the window is installed and some of the blown cell left over from dense packing under the floor. The insulation dam and window access path are installed. Here we see the insulation dam installed and the beginning of the main storage area. The final insulation dense packed under the floor and blown over are to R-60. We added netting to contain the blown cellulose and to help keep the storage items clean.