Falcon Heights Solar Design and Install

Applied Energy Innovations installed this 5.2 kW solar electric system in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis in 2012. The owners of the system were interested in asserting their energy independence. AEI installed 22 240-watt PV modules for a total system rating or 5.2-kW or 5,280 watts. We expected the system to produce 4,823 kWh per year on average. As of January 2014, the system is producing at 137% of original estimates, or 5,759 kWh. Producing 4,823 kWh of electricity annually from coal emits about 10,031 pounds of carbon dioxide. Avoiding this quantity of carbon dioxide being emitting into our atmosphere is equivalent to adding 2,749 trees to Earth’s forests. Over a 25-year span, AEI expects this system will offset almost 118 tons of carbon dioxide.