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Commercial Solar

Commercial solar power systems are growing rapidly in popularity as business owners and corporate boards are realizing their attractive financial benefits – including substantial tax advantages. Through 2016, commercial entities can benefit from a 30% federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation.

If your company is interested in assessing the viability of a solar power system at your facility, we can provide a custom analysis. After conducting a site assessment and obtaining information from your electrical bills, we can provide preliminary financials that will show the expected performance of a solar power system over the next 25-30 years.

Please contact Steve Haslach at at 612-532-0384 to schedule a site visit and learn more about energy savings for commercial and industrial properties.

Residential Solar

All of us here at Applied Energy Innovations are very excited about the beginning of the 2015 solar rebate cycle in Minnesota. We believe 2015 will set the stage for a faster-than-ever expansion of solar in our state.

The 2015 rebate cycle holds at least two big advantages over any rebate program we’ve seen before.

More money – the combined incentive program for solar in Minnesota contains $15 million. These funds will be renewed each year until 2023.
New management – $15 million of the incentive dollars available will be administered by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources (DER).
For more details about the 2015 Made In Minnesota solar rebate program, please see this press release from the program’s administrators, the Division of Energy Resources.

Each system is going to be a little different, just as each of our customers is unique. Our purpose in creating the illustration below is to show you what a good deal the 2014 Made In Minnesota program is – for you and for the planet. Any of our solar project designers will be happy to go over the details of how your particular system will pencil out under the new program.

Now, here are the next steps: we’d like your permission to apply for the 2015 rebate cycle on your behalf, by December 15.

If you’re concerned about rising energy costs, climate change, or want to strike a blow for energy independence, now is the time for you to act. If you’re receiving this email, it’s likely you’ve been thinking, learning, and talking about solar for awhile now isn’t it about time you did something about it?

The sooner we hear from you, the more time we have to spend on your application. Please don’t delay – contact us right away. Our General Manager, Steve Haslach, will be happy to get your started. You can reach Steve at
or 612.532.0384