Falcon Heights Solar Design and Install

South Minneapolis Extreme Green Makeover -
In 2013 we started out with a roof as a blank canvass and installed a high performance Bosch Buderus Solar Thermal system producing 80% or more of their domestic hot water (bye bye natural gas). This system produces hot water near 116 degrees in January at single digit outdoor temperatures.
In 2014 our clients were awarded a lottery win of Made in MN tenKSolar system. A 4.1KW (ten modules) system was installed with an E-Gauge energy monitoring system. This system allows production and consumption monitoring of both the solar system and their household power.
In February we completed an energy retrofit of a high performance Goodman 96+% furnace with a modulating gas valve and DC (direct current) ECM (electronically commutated motor). As you can see in the graph, this dropped gas consumption and the reduction of electrical load is significant.
To support this new mechanical system we installed a Wi-Fi based Honeywell Prestige Thermostat, which communicates with multiple sensors throughout the house and outside; the customer can remotely monitor their system online.
An Energy Star dehumidification system was installed to help dry out the remodeled basement. A new duct system was run across the length of the house through the attic eliminating an electric baseboard heater. Our energy team air sealed the original 70's ceiling cylinder lights with foam boxes and two part foam.