Weatherization Services

AEI’s weatherization services combine our experience and expertise to evaluate the entire thermal envelope of your home. Using the latest materials and technologies, our professional staff understand the Building Science of how your home operates. Sealing and insulating your home will greatly reduce energy loss and make your home more efficient to heat and cool regardless of the season.

Energy Audit & Blower Door Testing

Energy auditing and blower door testing are an important first step to evaluating the performance of the thermal envelope of your home. Once these initial tests have been completed, our professional technicians will be able to provide you with and detailed list of improvements that can be made to your home to make it more efficient and to help you save money.

Open Blown Cellulose

This is an inexpensive quality install for the typical open attic. AEI will install blown cellulose to an R-value of R-60. This creates a barrier between the conditioned and unconditioned areas of your home.

Dense Pack Cellulose

Dense packing cellulose is the process of packing the cavities of wood framing to 3.0lbs of density. Sidewalls and roof slants (the angled roof typical in story and a half homes or vaulted ceilings) can be insulated with blown cellulose. This will increase a 2”x 4” framed cavity space to R-13.4 and a 2”x 6” cavity to R-21. More importantly dense packed cellulose will eliminate air movement through the open cavity, which is a major contributor to heat loss and ice dams.

2-Part Foam

2-part closed cell expanding spray foam is an amazing product that provides excellent air sealing and insulation. The foam mixture provides an R-value of R-7.21 per inch. Whether you are looking to air-seal the penetrations in an attic space or insulate rim joist, 2-part spray foam can greatly improve the thermal envelope of your home

Premium (Vac-Seal-Insulate)

The best insulating and air sealing measure the industry can provide is the Vacuum-Seal-Insulate. AEI will first vacuum and remove all of the existing insulation and debris out of the attic, install 2-part foam across the entire attic floor (2” to 3” deep), and then install blown cellulose to R-60. This will eliminate all attic infiltrations and create a seamless vapor barrier at the best price.

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Ensure Your Family’s Health, Protect Yourself from Rising Energy Costs, and Help Save the Planet

Energy Audit Review (FREE!)
Are you looking for a cost estimate for improving your insulation and reducing your utility bills? Give us a call and ask about the blower door depressurization test.

Indoor Air Quality Review
AEI can provide an assessment of your homes indoor air quality. This may include mold, CO, duct leakage, inadequate ventilation, humidity, fire places, or smoke detection. AEI can provide many solutions to your indoor air quality problems.

Radon Testing
Feel safe in knowing if radon is absent, or know the cost to mitigate it.

Radon Mitigation
We will eliminate the risk of radon in your home. Call today for a quote.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Testing

AEI will test your mechanical equipment for CO leakage and back drafting. CO is created in all combustion and can backdraft into your home by your water heater, furnace, boiler, or any combustion appliances. CO at low levels can cause a wide range of health problems from cardiovascular and heart disease to depression. At levels over 1,000ppm you can suffocate in minutes.

CO Mitigation
The cost to mitigate CO back drafting and other potential issues can be inexpensive.